Special Occasions

Even if you believe you have already seen some of the world’s most enchanting places, this luxury Resort on wonderful Amalfi Coast will leave you speechless. The former 17th century Monastero sits amidst a rocky landscape, opening up onto beautiful vistas over the Gulf of Salerno, while, at the edge of the resort’s magnificent gardens, an infinity pool is set against a horizon that captures the most stunning of sunsets.

Choose to spend every moment of the day in a different place, depending on your mood.  The extensive grounds slope down through four levels of  garden terraces, all with day beds, sun chairs and intimate places to relax and take in the beauty of the surrounding areas. An extensive Spa area and lavish indoor spaces offer respite from the sun and places where a couple can simply enjoy each other’s company or spend time reading or toasting with a glass of wine.

Monastero Santa Rosa with only 20 bedrooms is an intimate place perfect for a Honeymoon, offering to couples privacy and unforgettable experiences. This is the most fascinating location to spend memorable and exciting moments of a couple’s life. If you dream the warm welcome of Amalfi Coast to seal the truth of your love, Monastero Santa Rosa will be over your expectations. The beauty and tranquility of the location will evoke every emotion. Even the fragrances of bougainvillea, lavender and mint will delight your senses.

For an unforgettable Engagement proposal, you may want to choose the “Terrazzo del Tramonto” the Monastero’s highest point terrace, overlooking the Gulf of Salerno and the Amalfi bay. Here, you and your beloved partner can experience the sunset and will become enveloped by dazzling light and charged by intense emotions: the perfect place to express your love!