Thermal Bathing

To enhance the benefits of your treatment & to maximize your enjoyment of our Spa, many of our treatments can be taken alongside the deeply relaxing warm waters of a vaulted hydrotherapy pool, or interwoven with thermal bathing within our Thermal Suite. Thermal bathing benefits include relaxation, improvement in the respiratory system, cleansing of the body and the strengthening of the immune system.

For a healthy “remise en forme” use a combination of the following:

A selection of three water experiences with differing temperatures, aromas and water sensations. Explore the warm Mediterranean rain, cooling mist and gush showers, designed to refresh the mind and body. Used between each hot experience.

Aromatically infused steam to slowly heat and refresh the body. Breathing is eased and your lymphatic system is cleansed, resulting in a glowing skin tone.

A relaxing and invigorating dry heat that has a purifying effect on the body. The immune system is boosted as everyday stresses are relieved.

Refresh between the various temperatures of the thermal rooms by relaxing on heated mosaic loungers with a soothing pomegranate infused foot spa.

The wonderfully relaxing water treatment pool is heated to body temperature providing an effective massage from hydrotherapy jets that float you above the water recliner.

Cool down between the various hot temperatures of the thermal rooms by applying crushed ice all over your body. The contrast of temperature will boost your circulation and help close pores after each heat experience. A cooling option to stimulate and revitalize.

Swimsuits are required to experience thermal bathing and the vaulted hydro pool. Thermal bathing and the Hydro Pool are not available to pregnant guests. Check with your doctor that you do not have any condition that may be aggravated by the use of hot & cold bathing.